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The Final Leg: New Mexico to Idaho

Trans-Asian Odyssey

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Central American Wanderings

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Monday, April 7, 2008

I miss you all very much.

Here's my tentative itinerary:

April 15th: Pensacola, FL

April 20th: New Orleans, LA

April 25th: Houston, TX

April 29th: Austin, TX

Early May: in central OK and the panhandle

May 15th: Santa Fe, NM

May 20th: Los Angeles, CA by train

May 21st - 27th: Japan (wedding in Osaka-not mine!, Kyoto]

May 28th - June 10th: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia to Moscow, Russia by train

June 10th - June 18th: Russia, Georgia, Armenia

June 18th: fly back to US

June 20th - July 7th: Service project in Trinidad, Honduras with St Mark's Episcopal Church (Washington, DC)

July 8th - July 15th: Visit to Guatemala, including my Peace Corps site

July 17th - July 31st: Biking from New Mexico to Idaho

August 1st - 3rd: Wedding in upstate NY (not mine, again)

August 4th - September 19th: Crossing MT, ND and MN

September 20th: Wedding in Stillwater, MN (not mine either!)

End of September: Paddle in the Great Lakes?

October: Bike through IA, NB and KS? (depends on how massive my personal debt is)

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